To view the wild horses in U.S., you may want to take the Trail to the East in Reno (a favorite spot to spot them is Always Watering Hole). Today, you may be able to spot horses foraging on Route 37, but before you go, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Center is well worth the trip. That symbolism is in full view in Theodore Roosevelts 70,467-acre Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is home to 100-200 free-roaming horses, who can be seen grazing and galloping through the prairies of Dakota. The horses have been wandering around in such drama for over 1,000 years, impressing visitors with their grace.

On Sable Island in Nova Scotia, you can roam among almost 400 of them, making for some unique memories with these wonderful creatures. One of Canadas new National Parks, this remote Atlantic Island located over 100 miles from the coast of Nova Scotia, protects the feral herds of horses who have lived there for over 250 years. While Vieques Caribbean island has a lot of wild landscape, its natural vegetation can only support so many horses.

The 50th state usually conjures visions of palm trees and hula dancers, but The Kings Valley on the Big Island is home to an even more diverse herd of wild horses. Chincoteague Island in the Assateague islands gave me such appreciation for the wild horses, as the herd is protected and honored all at once. Growing up playing in the sand and being exposed to the beauty and power of the ocean is something that I will never forget — and especially — is seeing the wild horses migrate back to Chincoteague Island each year.

Wild horses, aka feral ponies, are also found on Ocracoke Island, and are viewable in the Ocracoke Pony Enclosure, located south of the Hatteras/Ocracoke Ferry landing. The tough, pony-sized horses can be seen at beaches and in the marshes, sharing the island with gray seals and seabirds. Corollas wild horses tend to gather together in small groups, and they are seen almost everywhere on the Outer Banks north four-wheel drive region, from backyards of wooden vacation rentals to beachfronts, flanked by gleeful families enjoying the beaches. The Corolla Wild Horses are a wild Spanish Mustang herd living along the beach area on the 4WD North Corolla, just south of the Virginia-Virginia border.

In addition to the 4×4 area, Corolla Corolla wild horses are also often seen in the yards of homes located in subdivisions prior to where NC 12 ends. Like several other wild horses, the numbers of these majestic ponies has declined significantly in the last century.

The American Mustang, Australian Brony, even Mongolian Steppe horse Prywalski are descendants of the domesticated horse. The park service says that some wild Wyoming mustangs can trace their lineage back to Spanish missionaries, who settled the region in the late 1500s. The vast majority of herds living on BLM lands are mostly mixed-breed, mongrel horses, which probably have not lived in the wild for generations. Tour companies have recently begun taking visitors there, and although trips are pricey, visitors are rewarded with views of unique plant and bird life, unspoiled beaches, breeding grey seals, and one of the most remote wild horse colonies in North America.

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