The most common way to travel to Cuba is through a tour group. However, if you prefer independent travel, you can also choose to visit Cuba on your own. While traveling on your own, you will need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the country. For example, electronic devices and GPS technology are prohibited, and you should avoid buying art from locals unless you are a member of a government-approved art gallery.

Tour groups are the most common form of independent travel to Cuba

Although tour groups are the most common form of independent travel in Cuba, they aren’t the only option. A broad category of travel is known as Support for the Cuban People and allows individuals, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses to travel independently within the country. This type of independent travel allows you to design your own itinerary, engage in more diverse activities, and experience Cuba with fewer restrictions than if you were traveling with a tour group.

American institutions must fall under certain categories

If you want to travel to Cuba as an American, there are several things you need to know. First, you should be aware of the restrictions on traveling to Cuba. There are several categories of activities that are prohibited. While traveling to Cuba is not illegal, you need to be aware of these restrictions in order to travel there legally.

Electronic devices with GPS technology are prohibited

Before you travel to Cuba, you should first obtain a tourist card from the country. This can be done online or through a tour operator. If you are a dual national, you will also need to contact the Cuban Embassy. GPS technology and other electronic devices with high power consumption may be confiscated when entering the country. These are typically returned upon departure.

Buying art from locals requires an export permit

When buying art from locals in Cuba, you should remember that the country has export regulations that apply to the item you’re purchasing. You should always ask the vendor if the item you are purchasing needs an export permit and be sure to get the proper documentation. You should also keep a copy of any receipts you receive for purchases, as Cuban Customs may ask to see them upon departure.

Buying medical supplies in Cuba requires an export permit

Buying medical supplies in Cuba requires an export license from the US. There are several licensing requirements and conditions associated with this. While the Cuban government encourages trade with the United States, it still requires export licenses to move to Cuba. Although licenses are only valid for a certain amount of goods, US exporters tend to make higher estimates. In 2018, the US exported 12 billion dollars to Cuba.

Converting USD to CUC before traveling to Cuba

If you plan to travel to Cuba, you should convert USD to CUC before leaving for the island. USD is the worst currency to carry when traveling to Cuba, and the official foreign currency exchanges will charge you an additional 13 percent on top of the already ridiculously low CUC to USD exchange rate.

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