With a more permanent change to remote working options and the launch of remote working visas around the world too, flexible working options have certainly become more desirable – a greater number of individuals are seeking out options to work away from home and are looking for the locations that offer the best of both worlds – whether this be creature comforts from your favourite type of food to your favourite types of entertainment with some good examples here – but some are certainly better than others, so where should you consider visiting if you’re looking for a great experience?

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Vietnam has always been a popular destination for digital nomads, and many consider it to be a must visit location – with cheap accommodation, cheap transport links, and cheap food, there’s certainly a lot to be desired here whether you’re only looking for a short stay or something longer term. With such a huge digital nomad presence too, there are many options to connect with others to add some familiarity to your stay too – the negatives are often things like internet speed and connectivity not being as great as other locations, although this could be improved by something like express vpn, regardless of the internet speed, it’s still considered a place to visit if you’ve ever considered the lifestyle. However, it is not always the case that internet speed or connectivity would be unavailable everywhere you go. There are cafes and hotels located in areas where your internet connection will be faster. As a result, it is preferable to use platforms such as test my speed to check the speed and connectivity of the internet over there before making plans such as working whole day or playing online games, and so on.

Budapest, Hungary – European countries towards the east typically have great representation on digital nomads lists for similar reasons to countries like Vietnam, transport links are typically great, and the cost of living is much lower than countries in the west. The difference here is that internet options are typically great, from fast public Wi-Fi to great options if you’re looking to get a dedicated line, you’ll never have a problem staying online. The only downsides to countries like Hungary are often represented in the tolerance, as something that has become a problem in recent years, but it’s still a very beautiful city to visit, and a great place to kick of a digital nomad adventure.

Canggu, Bali – The original home of the digital nomads back when the boom first started a decade ago, and perfectly suited for travellers working whilst on the road with shared offices all over the place and a typically lower cost of living too. Costs can vary depending on your lifestyle though, but with a lot of nature around it’s the perfect place to settle down for a while and get some work down with the beautiful sights the country has to offer. If you do plan to visit Bali, however, be sure to stick to the rules – there have been an uptick in visitors being deported for ignoring some very serious rules in place particularly with mask wearing, and certainly isn’t something you’ll want to stand out for not doing as the country is very quick to take action of foreigners.

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