The Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in China. This Mid-Autumn Festival is on the third Sunday of the New Year and it celebrates ancient Chinese culture, traditions. This traditional festival is mostly about fertility and death. The event is marked by the putting up of birch branches on the moon to symbolise the wish for good health and fortune for the new year.

The Chinese people celebrate the mid-autumn festival in different ways. Some families still employ the old customs and keep this traditional lunar new year holiday in special ways by decorating their house, especially their porches with new flowers and plants. In many parts of the big cities of china, especially the metropolis of Shanghai, this Mid-Autumn Festival is still celebrated as full-blown festival with traditional Mid-Autumn Festival decorations and events. However, apart from the large number of colorful symbols used during the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are also several other interesting traditions and customs observed during this time.

The Chinese people place a lot of importance on the lunar calendar. The moon is considered to be a great Feng Shui god and this is why the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the “Feng Shui Festival”. Since the moon represents good luck and abundance for all the four seasons and is a god in the eastern culture, the festival is also widely adored by the people of china. This could be seen from the large number of national days which are named after the moon. A national day is usually dedicated to the god of the moon and is widely celebrated around the globe during mid-autumn festival.

One of the most significant national days which is named after the Mid-Autumn Festival is the National Day of the Golden Cherry. On this day, thousands of celebratory cherry trees are planted in every corner of the nation. The event which is celebrated on this day is highly regarded in china. During the process of making the first cherry blossom, lots of money is spent by villagers and farmers. Farmers will use these funds to purchase new cherry trees which will be used to decorate their homes, giving them the good fortune and prosperity that they wish for during the new year.

Another important national day holiday in china is the Spring Festival which falls on March 30. Spring Festival is highly revered by the people of china and they celebrate its last year with great joy and happiness. For the people of china, spring represents rebirth and a fresh start. In the ancient times, spring is the time when the bones grow new and vegetation begins to bloom; the entire environment and nature is in a state of abundance.

The last but not the least national day holiday in china is the lunar New Year holiday. It falls on February 14 and represents rejuvenation and fertility. The lunar New Year festival brings abundant prosperity and plenty. For the Chinese people, the new year begins at the Spring Festival and ends at the Winter Festival, making it a total of nine days during the year. For the tourists who want to spend their vacations in a more affordable and cozy way, they should go to the Huangpu River Canyon or the Xujiahui Rice Terrace, where they will be able to enjoy the scenic environment and the rich traditional Chinese culture.

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