One of the biggest differences which exist between regular travellers and those who are resigned to taking just one vacation per year is the mindset. Regular travellers take the time to learn all about the different options they have available to them, while those who work hard all year and save up diligently to splurge on that one vacation are limited to what are essentially the tried and tested options which are touted as pretty much the only ones available.

That’s why they think we’re secretly loaded, perhaps pushing this backpacking and budget travel thing as somewhat of a cover so that we don’t have to pay our fair share in taxes or something like that. The truth is we go where not many dare to go and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

So one of the many ways through which these differences manifests is in our approach to booking flights, which of course extends to how we book accommodation as well, as well as some of the activities which we immerse ourselves in when we’ve finally arrived at one of the many stops which make up our itineraries. So here’s what we have to teach these annual vacationers about how to get the best deals in flights.

Selecting strategic travel times

So the vacationers who all travel at a certain period of time that usually sees them off work along with all their colleagues may not believe those of us who travel regularly that at times we get some really cheap flights which can even go down to about half of what they pay, but after reading this post they’ll see for themselves. The key is to select strategic travel times, which means that when everybody is travelling, like during the festive season, flights are inevitably much more expensive, or they’re closer to the regular price, as the annual vacationers will believe.

Booking in advance

Admittedly, if you take your annual vacation at a certain time of the year, which likely falls in line with the time around which everyone else is going on holiday too, it becomes virtually impossible to select the strategic travel times as discussed above. You can’t travel during low-season, for example, to take advantage of what would naturally be much cheaper airfares.

The next best thing is to book in advance. Booking up to 90 days in advance will surprise you at just how much cheaper the tickets are, with some instances having you pay up to half of what someone would pay for the same flight they book a day or even a week before departure.

Using different flight search platforms

Now comes the killer punch to deliver, which is essentially just using different platforms to search flights. Let’s put it this way – if there’s a flight search platform through which you can pay for a flight using your credit card, it’s legit, so the deals you’ll be in for can give you peace of mind. Start with Google’s flight search and then compare those prices with those available directly from the airlines and those available through budget flight search platforms and online fight booking agencies.

Mollie Webb

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