If I haven’t already published that specific post then it’s one which I’ve already planned for the future and of course I’m referring to one about how to find the best deals on flights. Anyway, the reason why I make reference to that particular post is because pretty much the same applies when searching for accommodation which you can enjoy at a reasonable price, wherever it is your travels take you.

Of course it’s perhaps pertinent to clarify exactly what is meant by this, which is essentially that you’ll be looking for the best accommodation you can get for the lowest price at which you can get it. Believe it or not, but travellers typically don’t pay the exact same prices for the exact same room, even if they arrive at the exact same time at a specific hotel. This is how it works the majority of the time though, but not necessarily all the time.

Generally walk-in prices do indeed remain constant, but there are some other considerations which immediately come into effect to determine what is otherwise the on-the-spot price, such as whether or not this is your first time visiting that particular hotel, how many times you might have previously visited, whether or not you’re a member of some travellers’ club which is associated with that hotel, etc. There are many more factors and it’s not an exact science.

So here’s what to consider in order to swing as many of the associated variables as possible in your favour:

Using Google’s hotel search feature

I personally always forget how to go directly to this feature via its URL, but that’s only because there’s really no need. All you do is type in a destination and Google will invoke the feature to suggest hotels in and around the area, rather astutely listing prices and everything. This is a great way to start, which could have you in for a good, comprehensive listing of some great options available to you.

What usually happens is that the options are displayed on a map-like interface, with the pricing displayed as well. If you proceed to select properties either by typing in the address or clicking on the corresponding marker, you will also be shown the cheapest platform through which that property is available.

Applying some discretion

Now, this is where some of your discretion needs to be applied. If you’re really looking to save some good money then it’ll be a necessary exercise to run through, that of checking out the popularity of the place you want to book. Depending on when you book, sometimes you can get the best deals and discounts on online booking platforms like Agoda and Booking (Booking.com), but then again sometimes you have to consider that these platforms usually charge a small commission for effectively referring clients to the hotels listed.

This means that some savvy travellers book one or two nights at this higher rate and then book directly with the property to get the walk-in rate, which is naturally cheaper at times as there is no commission added.

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