It’s perhaps the dream dreamt by all travellers who go on to realise that they’ve actually been bitten by the travel bug, that of figuring out a way to make money while they travel, so that they can keep funding their travels without having to go back home to their regular hustle. So what are your options?

Here are practical avenues to pursue:

Start a vlogging channel on YouTube

Invest in one or two power-banks so that you can prolong the filming life of your smartphone and get busy vlogging! I’m willing you to use your smartphone because otherwise you’re going to suffer from a disease many would-be vloggers do, which is procrastination. They never get going with their vlogs because they’re waiting for the day they can have all the latest vlogging gear, whereas it really doesn’t matter if you upload videos in 4K or 720p.

Start a YouTube channel, naturally learning the basics of video editing and work your way up to the requisite number of subscribers needed for you to start monetising your videos via ads.

Once you’ve enabled monetisation, vlogging via your YouTube channel is one of the easiest and most natural ways through which a traveller can earn money while travelling.

Sell your photographs and footage

Some of the unused footage from your vlogs can be sold to stock footage platforms and I would guess that you already know about stock photography platforms as well. All sorts of publishers are hungry for high quality stock photography within the travel and tourism niche and there’s a growing appetite for high quality footage as well. Fellow vloggers and travel industry marketers are particularly looking for some good B-roll footage!

Run a remote business

Granted, this is easier said than done and the way to approach starting and operating a remotely run business to fund your travels is indicatively NOT via typing that phrase into Google’s search engine. Look in the direction of Web Hosting, Digital Services, Investments, etc…

Work remotely

While you’re busy sharpening your remote business skills, a good learning curve to go through is perhaps that of working remotely. There are many jobs which can be done remotely these days and it’s becoming somewhat of a preferred lifestyle, that of working remotely while travelling.

The best clients are those you find yourself though, as opposed to ones sourced through remote working platforms.

Travel affiliate marketing

Just think about how hot of an affiliate marketing list you can construct just interacting with fellow backpackers at a place of accommodation such as a hostel! I’ve found increasing success merely asking fellow travellers I’ve met along the way to book via my referral link every time they search for accommodation and for the most part they always diligently remember to do so.

There are plenty of other programmes one can join which offer affiliate remuneration for referring clients, making for a great way to earn while travelling because you’d really be marketing and selling products and services you truly believe in yourself.

Mollie Webb

About the Author

Hello there! My name is Mollie and I dream of seeing every major city in the world. Travelling is always incredible but there’s something special about the hustle and bustle of a big city that always entices me. Whether it be Tokyo or Mumbai, there’s always so much to discover from the locals and the side streets. Come along with me on my journey!

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