Thanks to online booking platforms such as Agoda, Booking (dotcom) and many others, all it takes to join the ranks of the savviest travellers is an online accommodation search targeted to the the destination you plan to visit. As a result, pretty much everybody knows now that in pretty much each destination you go you can find accommodation across the entire range of classes from resorts to luxury apartments and villas, (if you would be interested, you could see this link and gain more information) you could have it all! But what are the traditional hotels like in some of the best destinations in the world, known to draw specific types of travellers?

For luxury living like royalty – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Driven by some steadfast leadership in pumping all that oil money into the rapid and extensive development of the tourism sector, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is fast emerging as the number one destination in the entire world for luxury travel, you can often find a private jet touching down in the city, and many celebrities enjoying this luxury hotspot. You don’t go to Dubai as part of the itinerary of a budget traveller and so it gets serious as far as luxury goes with their hotels. There are hotels all over Dubai, you can even find a Hotel near Dubai Investments Park, and they’re always luxurious. We’re talking here the likes of gold-glazed elevator buttons and hotel lobbies that look like they come straight out of a movie!

Somehow they seem to have managed not to make anything look tacky though and officially hotels go up to a five-star maximum in terms of ratings, but there’s a certain Burj Al Arab which holds the unofficial status of being a 7-star hotel!

For a family vacation – Orlando, FL, United States of America

If you have the cash to splash, likely having saved up for the good part of the year, then you can live it up good and proper in Orlando, Florida, even if you’re rolling with your entire gang. Hotels in this part of the world and this part of the country are geared more to catering to the family, mostly because of the nearby selection of many family-fun amusement parks. The likes of the Hilton Orlando is available for those who want to enjoy a full helping of the finer side of the travel and tourism industry, but there are options to suit all budgets.

For a lovers’ retreat or honeymoon – Mauritius

When people think about a destination for their honeymoon or just for a lovers’ retreat, the likes of the Seychelles, Maldives, Bora-Bora and some Caribbean islands come to mind. As a result, Mauritius makes for somewhat of a hidden gem, simply because all the hotels, resorts and guesthouses straddling pretty much the whole coastal area of the island offer plenty of different options. You can get some great deals if you elect to lodge a row or two from the actual beachfront while still having full access to the majestic views of the Indian Ocean! Every corner of the coast has something special to offer, so it would be folly to try and zone-in on just one or two!

For a solo business trip – London, United Kingdom

Many of the higher-end hotels in London, UK, are aimed more at the business traveller, particularly the solo business traveller who needs to focus on the business they came to do and not have to worry about a single detail of their sleeping arrangements. Accommodation is generally expensive in this part of the world, which is a direct representation of the quality standards maintained throughout.

Writer’s retreat or a coder (digital nomad) – Phuket Island, Thailand

Hotels in Phuket, Thailand also vary quite drastically in their range, with some of the cheapest options sure to have your eyes popping out in the same way as some of the higher-end, premium options. This is a pure holiday destination island, but for some reason many of the hotels offer some kind of space that appears to be dedicated to the business traveller. As a result, hotels in this part of the world are great for writers seeking some inspiration to let the creative juices flow, so too the likes of coders or digital nomads in general.

Options are aplenty and some of the best that the island has to offer in terms of hotels takes the form of those which are built into some kind of hilly or mountainous land. The emphasis seems to be on offering some kind of sea view, one way or the other, no matter where you are.