Whatever kind of traveller you may be, you can definitely learn a lot from those travellers who choose to live this roaming reality as a lifestyle. Because of their natural propensity to sniff out the most effective ways of accounting for every element of each trip, mostly so that they can prolong their trips for as long as possible, some of the things that digital nomads concern themselves with can be to the benefit of any traveller.

So here are some of the emerging favourite destinations of digital nomads from around the world and the reasons why they love those places so much… These aren’t in any specific order…


Digital nomads who’ve actually been to Egypt, particularly Cairo or Alexandria tell a completely different story about the safety of this politically and economically troubled, North African nation. It’s a lot safer than you think with what appear to be specific incidents that occur near places of religious worship. So if you stay away from churches, to put it bluntly, you won’t have any other problems such as being mugged or anything like that.

Why digital nomads particularly love Egypt though is because of how cheap life generally is, including mobile 3G internet data if you need it to supplement the free Wi-Fi you’ll typically get at your hotel. Food is cheap like you won’t believe and so is transport, giving you plenty of freedom to knuckle down and do your work in addition to exploring what is perhaps the most authentic selection of cultural and historical sites anywhere in the world.


There aren’t really any backpackers’ hostels on this sub-tropical island destination, nestled within in the Indian Ocean, but Mauritius is indeed a favourite destination among digital nomads who know a thing or two about it. Mobile data is reasonable, but you’ll get free Wi-Fi pretty much every as well, not just at your hotel, lodge, inn, or guesthouse. Depending on how you plan your trip there, getting there is perhaps the most expensive part of any digital nomad’s trip to that part of the world, otherwise once you get there then you’d probably really like it if you’re one of those digital nomads whose income generation channels are a little bit more passive.

Put simply; the relatively cheap exotic holiday setting synonymous with this island epitomises the life of a successful digital nomad, with every opportunity for you to take your laptop to get some “work” done on the beach. You won’t be meeting up with other digital nomads at any co-working spaces though!


Places such as Medellin in Columbia have much to offer. Apart from it being budget-friendly, it is known for its wide range of local cuisines; affordable accommodation; varied methods of transportation; safety; infrastructure; internet connectivity; culture and lifestyle; Medellin Massage and spa options; entertainment options; and so many more. Considering the multitude of things it offers, it could easily be looked at as a favourite destination for digital nomads.

Southeast Asia

I know I don’t need to say anything about Southeast Asia as a favourite destination for digital nomads, with the likes of Thailand’s Chiang Mai very popular for all the reasons that a digital nomad would love it for. The likes of Ubud in Indonesia add to the popularity of the entire region amongst digital nomads.


Yes, Germany completes the list as a favourite destination amongst digital nomads, but more so for those who are of a more entrepreneurial nature. It’s about efficient networking and deal-making.

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