As much as we’re in most part an informative platform in the form of a blog which seeks to publish useful information about the world of travel for our growing list of readers, it’s definitely not a one-sided affair. We welcome any and all correspondence and would therefore like to formally send out an open invitation for you to get in touch with us, for whatever reason which compels you to do so.

How to contact us

Any which way through which you feel you can reach us works just fine for us. If it’s a channel that’s available for you to get in touch with us, rest assured your correspondence will reach us, whether it’s via a contact input form you come across on the site proper, via any one of the emails we have (be sure to choose the most appropriate one, though), or via the social media platforms through which you may have also connected with us. In the true spirit of what Cities Around the World is all about, it’s not so much about how you “get there,” but that you find a way to get there!

Our editorial process

As mentioned in the About Us section, most if not all the content you’ll see published on this platform will occur under the name of the Editor in Chief, simply because she’s the editor and we seek to maintain a certain style to the blog which is consistent with the manner through which she effectively communicates the gist of any message contained in the content. So we have a very specific editorial process which although generally follows editorial standards for internet publications, has our unique DNA running through it.

As is probably clear through your thorough reading of our many informative and engaging posts, at Cities Around the World it’s as much about sharing useful information travellers can actually make use of in real life as it is about taking readers through an experience without having to jump on a plane. If you read about a destination guide for a specific spot, for instance, the Cities Around the World standard will have you feeling in part as if you’re actually experiencing the destination first-hand.

As is attested to by our diverse team of different kinds of travellers, each traveller naturally experiences destinations and the associated elements of each trip differently, so while one particular post may be aimed at a certain class of traveller, this doesn’t mean all other class travellers won’t benefit from it. So it may sometimes require one’s ability to read between the lines, just a little bit, in order to come away with some posted content with something of value.

We do indeed try to broaden the scope as much as we can, just so that as many of our readers as possible are indeed catered to.

The Editor in Chief, two contributors and one correspondent only really makes up the core of the Cities Around team, but the platform belongs to all those who interact with it in any way. So as much as we share information and experiences from the perspective of avid travellers and trip organisers who are right at the heart of the travel and tourism industry, we welcome ideas from readers or anyone else for some specific topics they might want us to cover.

What about guest posts?

So do we accept guest posts? The short answer is yes, but please don’t just flood our inbox with content that has already been fully written up. Any content which we might consider to publish as part of a guest post, or indeed as is, will have to go through a very rigorous, internal editorial process first. It’s not just about the quality of the writing, but a combination of that and a number of other elements, including whether or not what you want to write about falls in line with the ongoing theme of that specific time.

So please first get in touch with us if you want to submit a guest post and we’ll discuss a way forward if we feel we’re open to that prospective submission at that time.

Who reads your correspondence?

Any one of our team members reads your correspondence and we read all of it, even though we may not respond to everyone, every time.