Welcome to Cities Around the World – your one stop window into the big wide world that awaits the eager explorer!

Who we are

Cities Around the World is NOT just another typical travel blog. We go above and beyond the ordinary, relentlessly in hot pursuit of the most obscure, intriguing and soul-filling elements of travel, not just the destinations themselves.  We are a group of four different kinds of travellers who all contribute to this blog.

The Editor in Chief – Mary-Ann

I’m Mary-Ann, the Editor in Chief of Cities Around the World, so it’s my name you’re going to see featured on pretty much every post that’s published here. My passion for travel goes all the way back to my earliest days, with my earliest travel memory being that of being sick on a long haul flight which I don’t quite know where we were heading with my family or coming back from. I was around six years old and despite the throwing up, I remember that making for some of the best times of my life!

I’m fortunate enough to have been born into a family of individuals who each love to travel, so when we’re not all travelling together, we sometimes bump into each other at some destinations which only seek to ratify our bond as family and relatives.

Basically the collective that comes together to make up Cities Around the World has chosen yours truly as the Editor, simply because my passion for travel complements another passion I’ve been developing ever since we were all knee-high, which is writing. This blog is somewhat of a digital extension of the travel scrapbook I’ve been slowly developing over the years, but naturally it’s all set to assume a whole new life of its own.

Contributor – Action Andy

Action Andy is rather astutely nick-named in line with his adventurous character, coming in as a contributor with a flair for the extreme sports and outdoor fun flavour of the travel and tourism world. He’s always but always dressed up in what looks like cycling gear or a wetsuit, always ready for action.

Andrew’s DNA usually courses through all over those posts which feature the extreme stuff, like bungee jumping and the likes, but he has a nose for sniffing out the best deals as well.

Contributor – Sue Ann

Sue Ann is my twin sister, whom I’m happy to be identified as one half of! Sue’s strength lies in her organisational abilities, as she just knows how to make any and every aspect of a trip happen, no matter what the challenges are. She does like to operate rather quietly in the background though and she just completes me, even though it’s perhaps rare for a twin to admit to such, since we’re always trying to prove to the world that we are two independent souls.

Sue Ann hardly ever wants to contribute any written material, so I have to be strategic in getting it out of her, so I always just ask her questions like how on earth she managed to get four FREE seats on an entire private jet!!!

These organisational skills possessed by Sue go all the way back to those days I spoke of when we were travelling as youngsters, taking it upon herself to pack snacks and in-transit entertainment and such…

Correspondent – Robin Hack

Making up the team of contributors to Cities Around the World is Robin Hack, the backpacker amongst us. Robin, just like Andrew, is extremely skilled at sniffing out the best travel deals ever. If there is some kind of discount or a way to get a room cheaper, a flight ticket at way less than the regular price, or anything else to do with travel at a mind-blowingly cheap price, Robin will pin-point it!

Cities Around the World

So as the collective which comes together to make up the Cities Around the World platform, we have more of an emphasis on the technical details which have to do with organising a trip, whether that trip is for work or for leisure. Are you pondering permanently moving to a private island, for instance, or are you perhaps looking for a good long-term rental deal in what is otherwise a holiday destination?

All of that and a whole lot more will be found through Cities Around the World!